Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It’s less than a buck to not wear your Chucks!

I am basing today’s blog off a situation that occurred to me a few months back.
So, I got off of work and I should have grabbed a set of our Biodegradable Eco Pedicure Slippers on the way out before my pedicure appointment. I was wearing my Chucks, a.k.a. Converse, that day and I forgot to pack a pair of flip-flops in my bag. I rushed out of the door that day without knowing what was about to take place. I arrived at the salon and picked out a color for my pedicure and grabbed a magazine. It was my turn for my service so I took off my socks and shoes and dipped my feet into the freshly drawn footbath. I started to read my magazine and went into my world of in depth fashion, a.k.a. “my time”. After the pedicure was over I was ready to leave. I asked the woman “do you think I can get a pair of pedicure slippers to go home in?” She replied back, “Oh honey, I am sorry I have run out of slippers I have no more”. “Oy’ Vey! I could not believe it, I was so determined to leave and not get my feet dirty, so I thought,” well maybe if I step on my chucks and tie the shoe laces tightly around the tops of my feet, this will at least have me make it to the car?” So I go shuffling off. I make it all the way out of the salon and half way to my car, that’s when I got completely tangled. There just so happened to be a car full of guys outside of the salon by my car going to the restaurant next door and they were watching me struggle and I hear people laughing at me. I look over and they were almost about to start rolling on the ground laughing at me! I could feel my face turn a shade lighter of red than what was on my toes. I was so aggravated. If I could have only taken a few extra minutes in the day to grab some slippers I would not be humiliated! From that day forward, I decided to have a spare set in my car just in case. I can also reuse them by just washing them with soap and water and saving them for another rainy day such as this one. Lesson learned, never try to improvise for a pedicure slipper they are made for a reason!

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