Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'll have a cuccio lyte please!

I heard so many raves about the Cuccio Lytes Body Butter Moisturizers that I jumped at the chance to try it out and see first hand if all the hype was warranted. Well, well warranted it most certainly is! I received all four scents Honey and Soy Milk, Tuscan Citrus and White Tea, Guava and Mango, and Pomegranate and Acai, and I decided that the Honey and Soy Milk was definitely my favorite with Mango and Pomegranate coming in as a close second.
I really can't say that the scent was that of honey or soy milk, but I can say that it is so soft and lovely that I kept sniffing my arm. The scent does fade out in about 20 minutes, so there is no concern of battling beauty product fragrances.. It actually feels like liquid silk when you apply it. It sinks in beautifully and doesn't leave behind any greasy feeling residue. This lotion contains no parabens, contains natural botanical oils, and is quite simply a very excellent quality product. The Cuccio line is sold through spas, nail salons, and can also be purchased here at Be Beautiful.com and you can get more information on all of the Cuccio products at www.cuccio.com


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cuccio Butter Blends

Cuccio Naturale Body Butter Blends
My hands are in serious bad condition due from the freezing Chicago weather. I have never had such dry, chapped hands and even worse nails. The only hope my hands have been receiving is by using the most amazing Body Butters Blends by Cuccio Naturals.

Cuccio naturals is a professional brand that is mostly sold in salons and spas. I happened to find out about the brand through the professional magazine Nail Pro.

The Butters come in a variety of blends Papaya & Guava blend, Milk & Honey blend, Pomegranate & Fig blend, and Tuscan Citrus Herb with Bergamot & Clary Sage blend. The best part about the butters is that they are not oily and give an intense hydration to the driest skin.