Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It’s less than a buck to not wear your Chucks!

I am basing today’s blog off a situation that occurred to me a few months back.
So, I got off of work and I should have grabbed a set of our Biodegradable Eco Pedicure Slippers on the way out before my pedicure appointment. I was wearing my Chucks, a.k.a. Converse, that day and I forgot to pack a pair of flip-flops in my bag. I rushed out of the door that day without knowing what was about to take place. I arrived at the salon and picked out a color for my pedicure and grabbed a magazine. It was my turn for my service so I took off my socks and shoes and dipped my feet into the freshly drawn footbath. I started to read my magazine and went into my world of in depth fashion, a.k.a. “my time”. After the pedicure was over I was ready to leave. I asked the woman “do you think I can get a pair of pedicure slippers to go home in?” She replied back, “Oh honey, I am sorry I have run out of slippers I have no more”. “Oy’ Vey! I could not believe it, I was so determined to leave and not get my feet dirty, so I thought,” well maybe if I step on my chucks and tie the shoe laces tightly around the tops of my feet, this will at least have me make it to the car?” So I go shuffling off. I make it all the way out of the salon and half way to my car, that’s when I got completely tangled. There just so happened to be a car full of guys outside of the salon by my car going to the restaurant next door and they were watching me struggle and I hear people laughing at me. I look over and they were almost about to start rolling on the ground laughing at me! I could feel my face turn a shade lighter of red than what was on my toes. I was so aggravated. If I could have only taken a few extra minutes in the day to grab some slippers I would not be humiliated! From that day forward, I decided to have a spare set in my car just in case. I can also reuse them by just washing them with soap and water and saving them for another rainy day such as this one. Lesson learned, never try to improvise for a pedicure slipper they are made for a reason!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cuccio Lytes

“To say I’m obsessed with lotions is an understatement. However, I’m not an easy one to please. I don’t like lotions that feel greasy or smell too strong. Despite my particular tastes, I was very pleased with the Pomegranate & Acai-scented lyte Ultra-sheer Body Butter from Cuccio Naturalé. This lightweight lotion instantly moisturized my dry winter skin, leaving it soft and rejuvenated while the fragrance was faint and not overpowering; a perfect combination!”

Jennifer Moncayo
Assistant Editor
Quote from Decembers 2008 issue of Nail Pro Magazine.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cuccio Naturale Elixirs

"I keep the Cuccio papaya and guava spa elixirs in my office, and spray it all the time -- even on myself -- when I need sweet inspiration. I keep the papaya and fig in the bathroom, and the milk and honey upstairs in our master bedroom. I love to use these elixirs, especially to spray them on my pillowcase and in the air, right before I go to sleep. They foster a very sweet slumber! I believe that these elixirs are great travel companions, and I'm going to recommend them in my upcoming travel book, "The Globetrotter's Get-Gorgeous Guide." After all, these fabulous fragrances are a wonderful, convenient and affordable way to make any hotel room smell and feel like home!"

Debbi Kickham
former Editor, Robb Report Magazine, and Mirror Beauty Magazine
Travel, Beauty and Spa Writer
co-author, OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS (available on

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's better with butter!

Bearing the strange- changing weather in California wreaks havoc on your skin! Not to mention it’s fall and winter (California winter) has not even hit! I don’t know about anybody else but my skin has been so wind chapped and dry. I have started incorporating body butter in my daily routine of getting ready for the day and I have noticed a huge difference in the way my skin feels. Cuccio Naturalé has a few body butters that have helped to elevate that dry, tight uncomfortable feeling in my own skin.

The Body butters by Cuccio Naturalé have a time-released emollient that disperses into hungry skin every two hours for a 24 hour time period. How great is that? You don’t even have to reapply the butter throughout the day “now that is butta baby”! You have to try this amazing product! The body butters come in 4 fantastic flavors: Pomegranate & Fig, (my personal favorite) Milk & Honey, Tuscan Citrus & Herb and Papaya and Guava. Each unique fragrance meets the senses of any type of personality. For a lighter version of the body butters Cuccio Naturalé has come out with a full line of Cuccio Lytes, which is great for spring and summer!

Tip of the trade for professionals: Warm up the butter in the winter seasons or chill the butter in the warm seasons for services!

For Retail customers log on to or if you are a nail/spa professional log on to

Look for more beauty tips from Arica coming soon!