Monday, October 19, 2009

Butter Sticks

“Cuccio NaturalĂ© Cuticle Conditioning Butter Sticks: I’m not going to lie, my cuticles are not my best feature at times and my wallet doesn’t always allow me to get a professional manicure. But, after using the cuticle pen almost everyday, my nails have been whipped into shape. Not only does this cuticle pen help mend ragged cuticles by moisturizing with Shea Butter, Vitamin A & E and Olive Oil, but it also doubles as a cuticle pusher. I also was more than slightly obsessed with the Pomegranate and Fig scent”.

Sarah Mickelson

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eco Nail Systems kit

“I live in Canada and have an Aesthetic School in the Orangeville, Ontario area. I have my Master certificate in Creative Nails and have done gels, Fiberglass, and Acrylics. I have recently purchased the Eco System and really enjoy the flexibility of having all four in one”.

Kendra Anderson
Director of Education

Trillium Academy of Aesthetics
28 Mill Street , Unit 111
Orangeville, ON
L9W 3M3

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wicked Webs!

“I think this turned out really well, the first Halloween manicure of the season. It's not just me though - I got compliments already from the lady at the post office, and one at Costco, aside from a few I caught checking them out while trying to be sneaky. These designs are very eye-catching, and people tend to really notice them.”

Jamie DeBree
Nail Art Tuesday -

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cuccio Naturale Forte Nail Strengthener

"I recently bought the Cuccio Naturale forte horsetail nail strengthener, It is really the only product that helps my nails grow and makes them super strong. I love this product and have been using it for years!"

Sarah Paredes

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rock Star Toes!

So I had my first Rock Star pedicure last night!

So the latest trend in the Industry is “the Rock Star Pedicure”. I thought to myself, self its time to take the chance and try something new besides the same old red or pink polish on my toes. I took the plunge yesterday and tried something a little extra girly this season-the “Rock Star Pedicure”.

Q. What is a Rock Star Pedicure- you may ask? A. The Rock Star Pedicure is basically a “Gelicure” you perform your traditional prep work on the toes- nipping, shaping and grooming of the toenails. Then after the toenails are fully prepared a thin coat of clear gel is applied to the 4 smaller toes and a sprinkle of small glitter additive is coated over the wet gel then cured for 3 minutes under a UV lamp. After all 4 toes are done work on the big toe and repeat the process. For a final finish off, another thin coat of clear UV gel is applied and cured for 3 minutes to seal in the glitter.

This type of pedicure is a pedicure that will last anywhere between 6-8 weeks and the shine is unbelievable! I recently had this pedicure done on my own feet and my toes are twinkling this spring with a fresh burnt orange glitter. My toes are now ready for flip-flop season! I am excited to wear out my new pedicure style. I am sure it will have a lot of attention drawn to it because the sparkle is remarkable! Try something new this season; don’t be afraid to take a chance. Having an original style on your toes is a great way to express your style & individuality.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Cuticle Oils by Cuccio Naturale

"Milk and Honey Cuticle Revitalizer Complex Oil: This is a nice oil - so great that my mother snatched it as soon as she tried it. *Sigh* The milk and honey scent is really nice - it is one of the food scents that doesn’t bother me at all. Retail size is a 1/2 oz bottle with a glass curved dropper that doles out just the right amount".

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Written & Quote from: Christina Jones